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21 Sep September

Ashlee is joined again by friend of the show Mon and a new guest, Jerome Wetzel of the IABD Podcast Network to discuss the 90s sitcom classic 'Friends'

Ah, the 90s. Times were simpler, everybody was happy, we had a budget surplus and the biggest threat to our national security was a BJ. Perhaps no piece of pop culture better captures the 90s than the all time classic sitcom 'Friends'.

Ashlee is joined again by our pal Mon and a brand new guest Jerome Wetzel, founder of the IABD podcast network, as they discuss all of their favorite Friends moments. So sit back, relax, turn your back to the naked guys apartment, sip on a cup of Joe from Central Perk, grab a sandwich....wait, no...not that sandwich! That's Ross's sandwich! It has the MOIST MAKER!!!

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